VT PTFE needle valves

VT PTFE needle valves ENLARGE
Product Summary
CVT PTFE needle valves

Design Features
  • fluids in contact with PTFE only
  • structurally rigid metal shell.
  • one PTFE o-ring
  • simplicity - only seven components.
  • up to 55 SLPM (air) or 2.8 LPM (water)

VT PTFE needle valves

These compact and reliable PTFE needle valves are designed for laboratory and industrial applications for regulating corrosive gases and liquids or for high purity service. They may also be used as shut off valves. Pliant PTFE bodies of the valves are reinforced by structurally rigid metallic shells. Fluids contact only PTFE and CTFE materials. Shells are made of anodized aluminum or type 316 stainless steel and bushings are made of plated brass or 316 stainless steel. Where externally corrosive conditions exist stainless steel is recommended.

Valve spindles are made of rigid CTFE to minimize the undesirable material creeping normally associated with PTFE. PTFE valves are designed for relatively high flow ranges while still performing well in low flow rates. Valves may be used in pressure or non-critical vacuum service.

The simplicity of design - there are only seven components (including a single PTFE O-ring) - assures reliability and minimizes sources of leakage. It takes seconds to disassemble the valve for cleaning and maintenance. The PTFE O-ring is radially compressed and due to this unique design feature the degree of compression may be adjusted without disassembly by tightening the hexagonal bushing.

FLUID CONTACTING MATERIALS PTFE (body and o-ring); CTFE (valve spindle)
NON-FLUID CONTACTING MATERIALS shell - aluminum (black anodized) or 316 stainless steel; bushing plated brass or 316 stainless steel; adjusting knob - phenolic.
ORIFICE SIZE 0.125 inch diameter (3.175 mm)