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Number of Tubes: One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six    What's this?
Tube Size: 150 mm   65 mm    What's this?
Housing Material: Aluminum   Brass   Stainless Steel    What's this?
Valve: What's this?
Seals: What's this?
Fittings: What's this?
Manifold: None (Standard)    What's this?
Optical Sensor Switch: No   Single Sensor   Double Sensor Hi-Lo    What's this?
Tube end-seals: Viton-A®     Buna-N
The configuration above, of housing material and seals uses Viton-A for the flow tube end-seals (packings) by default. All other seals (o-rings) are as selected. If your application requires otherwise, you may change this to Buna-N by making that selection here.
Part Number:  P11A3-BA0